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CEO – BPO Carol is the most dynamic and energetic Consultant I have ever worked with. She has helped me re-shape our entire sales process which resulted in a 50% leap in profits! Carol has the flair and imagination to add measurable value to any business.

I look forward to working with her until the day she retires!

Account Director - Agency I had the pleasure of working with Carol for 12 months where her contribution and direction helped deliver a double digit growth.

Carol designed and implemented a sales strategy that developed the team that ensured we were targeting the right types of opportunity, delivering the correct pricing strategy and then closing the deal at a success rate of over 80%.

Carol coached the team on a one to one basis, utilised the classroom approach effectively and developed the team by attending prospect meetings. Her contribution to the success of the business was excellent.

Director – Print Company Carol has worked alongside me for six months and is still ongoing. If you want to increase your company sales, move processes forward and bring a new lease of life into your company, you need to employ Carol at Morton Kyle.